Senior Division Dance

Ages 12 and Up

In our senior division dance classes, we offer a variety of recreational classes as well as classes specifically designed to develop pre-professional, career-oriented dancers. Selected dancers attend multiple ballet technique and pointe classes a week. In addition to their comprehensive class schedules, rehearsals, performances, master classes, and special events. During these classes, senior division dance students benefit from developing more personal relationships with their teachers. Our experienced faculty provide professional guidance towards auditions, colleges, summer programs, scholarships, and career opportunities.

The most advanced level of training in the school curriculum. During our ballet, modern, jazz, tap, improvisation – this level offers extremely challenging combinations, body strengthening, and demanding choreography. Classes offered are: one-hour and forty-five-minute ballet technique and pointe twice a week; one-hour variations, one hour modern/contemporary technique; one hour jazz, forty-five-minute tap; forty-five minutes Pilates; acro/tumbling and Turning Pointe Company.

Dress code: Black, light blue, and white leotards, pink tights on ballet days, pink canvas ballet slippers, pointe shoes, and hair in a bun. Black tights or biker shorts for modern and jazz, bare feet for modern and black slip-on jazz boots for jazz. Wrist and ankle weights, thera-bands, and mats for conditioning.

Whether you are a busy career person, mom, or a college student, everyone needs and deserves a fun and creative workout catered just for them. WCFA offers an hour ballet technique, and a one-hour jazz/tap. Dress code: comfortable non-restrictive clothing, yoga-wear, leotards, sweats, etc.—all are acceptable. Pink canvas ballet slippers, tap shoes, jazz shoes, or bare feet.

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