Junior Children's Division Dance

Ages 7 to 12 Years

In our junior division dance classes, we provide a friendly, nurturing environment where each student can advance and grow. At this level, we emphasize classical training and proper classroom etiquette. Students will learn proper terminology, musicality, and technical skill while developing a love and appreciation for the art of dance. Junior Division Dance Classes that are offered include ballet, contemporary/jazz/modern, tap, conditioning, acro/tumbling, and hip hop for ages 6 and over.

A traditionally structured ballet class incorporating the next level in the classical ballet syllabus. We incorporate extended work on barre and center technique, followed with tap and jazz exercises and combinations to broaden musicality and reflex skills.

Dress Code: Pale Blue  

A one hour class of classical ballet focusing on proper technique and terminology for barre, center, and across the floor work. Followed by a half-hour of jazz/contemporary and a half-hour of the tap. Arco and tumbling are a fun addition to class when not concentrating on choreography.  

Dress Code: Teal 

Building upon our classical foundations we are focusing on strengthening and preparing the dancer for all the rigors, proper body placement and poise for the introductory years before pointe work. 

Classes are an hour and fifteen minute ballet, forty-five minute conditioning class, one hour modern class, and one hour jazz and  tap class. 

Dress code: Royal blue camisole leotard, pink tights, pink canvas ballet slippers, hair in a bun, black slip-on jazz boots, black lace up oxford tap shoes and bare feet for modern and acro.

Preparing for pointe work and the highest level of intermediate level training, dancers are now taking an hour and a half ballet technique, an hour modern technique, forty-five minutes of conditioning and an hour and fifteen-minute jazz / tap class.

Dress code: Navy leotard, pink tights, pink canvas ballet slippers, black lace up tap shoes and hair in a bun.

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